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Creations for celebrations

Full of sweetness and love, cakes are undoubtedly the best part of every celebration. Our cakes go hand in hand with any celebrations to the treat on holidays, and any occassion that feels truly special. Birthday cakes, Wedding cakes, Graduation cakes, Baptismal cakes, and Anniversary cakes.

The love we give and the amount of work that goes into these cakes will truly make all events truly special. Pickup and delivery within our area.

It’s not just a piece of cake. It’s a masterpiece of cake. Where all cakes are homemade

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Flour Power

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Making our loved ones happy gives us great satisfaction.

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Our story

We started in Italy baking personalized cake orders. Everything are prepared at home, specially when they are gifts that are always greatly appreciated from the people you love the most.

There is more than just taste and flavour with a home made cake which is clearly different from the one prepared at stores. We make homemade cakes, muffins, cream puff and cookies baked with love. Our specialties are cakes that are custom decorated for any event and create  cake toppers for every baking enthusiasts.